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Download the Sand Lane Systems Troubleshooting Guide

McLanahan Corporation’s Sand Lane System Troubleshooting Guide offers corrective actions for situations such as dirty sand is discharging from the system, wet sand is discharging from the system and decreased screen capacity.  

Operational Best Practices

How fast can I feed the hopper with sand?

The system should be set up so the loader operator spends minimal time waiting for the equipment to process sand. The operator will clean the sand from the lane and fill up the hopper. During this time, the equipment is processing sand and usually by the time the hopper is full, clean sand needs to be moved and stacked. This process repeats until the sand lane has been cleaned completely.

What speed do I run the Sand-Manure Separator or auger?

Run them at a speed that optimizes the Sand-Manure Separator or Dewatering Screen's capacity.

How can I get my sand as clean as possible?

It depends on which type of Sand Lane System is being used. In a washing and dewatering system, which uses a Sand-Manure Separator, clean water will be added into the Sand-Manure Separator, which rinses out the dirty water and organics. With a dewatering system, no cleaning water is added, but the sand will still be cleaner coming off this system. As the sand is dewatered, small manure fibers travel out and exit with the water.

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