Universal Jaw Crushers

McLanahan Universal Jaw Crushers are an efficient and cost-effective option for reducing a variety of materials. Material is crushed by compressive forces between a stationary piece of steel and a moving piece of steel.


How Universal Jaw Crushers Work

McLanahan Universal Jaw Crushers are overhead eccentric jaw crushers that continuously reduce material as it passes through the crushing chamber with its aggressive force feed action as the movable jaw compresses inward and downward. The sharp primary blow at the top of the chamber reduces material instantly, while a secondary crushing action at the bottom further reduces material to the predetermined output size. Universal Jaw Crushers offer a compressive stroke that is nearly equal at both the top and bottom of the chamber.

Why McLanahan Universal Jaw Crushers

Introduced in 1906, McLanahan’s Universal Jaw Crusher was one of the first overhead eccentric jaw crushers. Since that time, this robust design has continued to be the basis of the Universal Jaw Crusher design.

In addition to the standard jaw crusher design, McLanahan also produces the H-Series, which features adjust-on-the-fly capabilities. With its hydraulic adjustment option, the Universal H-Series Jaw Crusher saves time when adjusting the closed side setting to allow for wear and to maintain a constant product output. The crusher eliminates the downtime associated with shim adjustments. It also features hydraulic cleaning and automatic hydraulic tramp iron relief and can reset itself to the previous position without operator intervention. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Universal Jaw Crushers

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McLanahan offers two styles of Universal Jaw Crusher: standard shim adjust and hydraulic adjust.

Shim adjust has a long proven history and is the standard in the industry. Hydraulic adjust has two more functions than a standard shim adjust that helps on uptime.

If the material is easily crushed and not excessively abrasive, an Impact Crusher can be the best choice. Our Impact Crusher line includes: Andreas Impact Crushers, MaxCap Impact Crushers and New Holland Impact Crushers.

Use the following information to determine the Jaw Crusher size for your application:

  • Maximum material lump or largest size expected to be crushed
  • Tons per hour rate needing to be crushed
  • Desired size of discharge material needed
  • Operating hours per day

McLanahan Universal Jaw Crushers crush material by compressive forces between a stationary piece of steel and a moving piece of steel.

Features & Benefits
  • Optimum nip angle in crushing chamber for maximum throughput
  • Toggle angle ideal to create continuous crushing action throughout crushing chamber
  • Hydraulic setting adjustment with either shims or full hydraulic system
  • Safety pins in the base frame to hold movable jaw while service is performed
  • Welded base frame designed for superior strength and durability
  • Reversible manganese steel jaw dies
  • Abrasion-resistant side liners
  • Massive, anti-friction spherical roller bearings for pitman and base frame

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