Quad Roll Crushers

McLanahan Quad Roll Crushers are ideal for producers who want to accomplish two stages of reduction in one pass. Depending on the duty class, they can be used in ROM applications such as coal, salt, lime, pet coke and potash operations, among others. These crushers are designed as two Double Roll Crushers, with both the primary and secondary stage achieving a 4:1 reduction ratio. The intermeshing tooth design in the McLanahan crusher means that no timing gears are required.

Quad Roll Crusher
Quad Roll Interstage Drive
Quad Roll Rendering

Popular Applications for Quad Roll Crushers

Quadroll Crushers have long been used in a variety of applications, including ROM feeds, coal, trona, salt, glass and other friable minerals.

Benefits of McLanahan Quad Roll Crushers

  • Optional carbide-impregnated, weld-on teeth increase roll life three to four times over cast teeth in some applications
  • Flange shaft design for easier roll removal and maintenance
  • Optional segmented roll design available on larger models
  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel base frames prevent deformity and allow for prolonged bearing and shaft life
  • Hopper and frame lined with renewable abrasion-resistant steel wear plates
  • Heavy-duty bearings and seals provide smooth operation and prevent dust contamination
  • Top-flanged hopper provided with bolt holes for customer feed chute connection
  • Optional speed switches to detect roll under-speed conditions
  • Inter-stage belts to transmit power between the primary and secondary crushing stages

Frequently Asked Questions

What other technologies should I consider?

Depending on the customer’s feed size to product size reduction ratio, two stages of crushing should be considered, such as two Double Roll Crushers, Sizers or a Triple Roll crusher.

What is ratio of reduction?

It is the ratio of the feed size to the desired product size. As an example, if the feed size is 12” and the desired product size is 3”, then the ratio of reduction is or 4:1. With Quad Roll crushers, you have a 4:1 on the top stage followed by a 4:1 on the bottom stage.

What models of Quad Roll Crusher does McLanahan make?

Standard-Duty Quad Roll Crusher

Standard-Duty Quad Roll Crushers are the lightest-duty Quad Roll Crusher and are designed to perform two-stage reduction on soft materials such as clean coal, salt, lime, coke, glass, etc. This model is powered by a single motor and features an inter-stage V-belt drive between the primary and secondary stages of crushing.

Medium-Duty Quad Roll Crusher

Medium-Duty Quad Roll Crushers perform two-stage reduction of materials such as salt, potash, harder coals that contain medium-hard shale and slate, and other minerals, but are not suitable for hard rock and other refuse. The Medium-Duty Quad Roll Crusher uses two motors to drive its four rolls and includes an inter-stage V-belt drive between the primary and secondary rolls.

Super Quad Roll Crusher

Super Quad Roll Crushers perform two-stage reduction for ROM coal that contains moderate amounts of medium-hard refuse, as well as other materials of similar compressive strength. It is the heaviest-duty model of Quad Roll Crusher that McLanahan makes, but it is not intended for very hard or abrasive rock. Designed for high-capacity applications, the Super Quad Roll Crusher is capable of throughput up to 4,500 TPH and is available with dual or four motor drives depending on the application.

Abrasive Material Quad Roll Crusher

Abrasive Material Quad Roll Crushers have the ability to perform two-stage reduction of hot, abrasive feeds such as sintered iron ore and coke. This crusher has a number of features that limit the wear caused by abrasive materials and also simplify maintenance. These include abrasion-resistant renewable side and end liners, as well as a flanged shaft design to easily remove the primary rolls through the hopper and the secondary through the end plates. For hot feed options, McLanahan is able to provide water-cooled roll shaft assemblies, with bearings located outboard to dissipate heat and high temperature seals to protect the bearings.