UltraSCRUB Modular Scrubbing Systems Systems

Capable of removing adhered and difficult-to-remove materials such as high plasticity clays from otherwise valuable aggregate, McLanahan UltraSCRUB Modular Scrubbing Systems provide a flexible attritioning/scrubbing and final sizing option for otherwise waste material. Arriving on-site in containerized modules, producers will benefit from the shorter lead times, quick set-up and ease of transportation offered by the UltraSCRUB.

McLanahan UltraSCRUB Systems remove deleterious material by attritioning, scrubbing and breaking down contaminants and flushing them out with the wastewater. When combined with other modules from McLanahan’s modular equipment line – such as the UltraCRUSH, UltraSCREEN and UltraWASH - producers can create an entire plant to process aggregates that had previously been classified as waste.   

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Why McLanahan UltraSCRUB Modular Scrubbing Systems

McLanahan washing and scrubbing solutions lead the industry in design and performance. We back all of our washing and scrubbing equipment with more than 125 years of experience and knowledge dating back to when second-generation Samuel Calvin McLanahan perfected the very first Log Washer in 1891. Since then, our washing and scrubbing solutions have been proven across the globe and are the foundation of our UltraSCRUB line. The scrubbing action can be selected to include our premier range of Log Washers or Coarse Material Screw Washers depending on the type of material being washed.

McLanahan scrubbing modules offer the same level of reliability, durability and performance as our stationary scrubbing equipment but with several additional advantages. First, the McLanahan UltraSCRUB is pre-built and pre-designed, which allows both shorter lead times and faster setup time to get you producing sooner. Utilizing these scrubbing modules also offers an ease of transport so you can move your production from site to site, saving you from purchasing duplicate equipment.

McLanahan UltraSCRUB Modular Scrubbing Systems can be combined with other modules to create complete processing plants. These modular plants offer the flexibility to create multiple products and process a variety of deposits with maximum yield.  

How UltraSCRUB Modular Scrubbing Systems Work

Pre-screened feed enters into the feed-regulating surge hopper of the UltraSCRUB module. The UltraSCRUB separates a large portion of the sand fraction on a de-sanding screen prior to the aggregate fraction entering either a Coarse Material Screw Washer module or Log Washer module.   

The Coarse Material Screw Washer module or Log Washer module breaks down the sticky and agglomerated material and liberates fines from the aggregate fraction. Lightweight floating trash is overflowed from the Coarse Material Screw Washer or Log Washer and dewatered by a trash screen module prior to being discharged. The aggregate fraction reports to the rinsing and sizing screen for final rinsing and separation into the required product sizes ahead of stockpiling.

The UltraSCRUB can be combined with other McLanahan modular units, such as the UltraWASH and UltraSAND for sand processing options, UltraCRUSH for maximizing the deposit, and the EcoCYCLE, for water recycling and management.  

Popular Applications for UltraSCRUB Modular Scrubbing Systems

McLanahan scrubbing modules are ideal for removing clays, silts and lightweight materials such as root, twigs, wood, plastics, etc. from aggregate feeds, including crushed rock, gravel, coal, construction and demolition recycling material, iron ore and more. Their modular design allows for easy transport between multiple sites without needing to duplicate equipment.

Benefits of McLanahan UltraSCRUB Modular Scrubbing Systems

  • Single connection points for electrical and water lines
  • Easy access for removal of wrapped material around the shafts
  • Easily configurable from a simple Log Washer to a full recycling module, including pre, post and trash screens all on the same base chassis
  • Abrasion-resistant 500 Brinell paddles with optional 600 bhn corrugated face paddles
  • Washer box fabricated from 8mm steel plate with cleanout gate
  • Single motor drive made with heavy-duty gearbox allows machine start-up under most loaded situations
  • Easy washer box slope adjustment
  • Integral sump and pump for collection and removal of dirty water
  • Three-deck screen capable of producing up to four aggregate products
  • Optional de-sanding and trash screens
  • Rising current spray pipes to assist in the removal of light fractions
  • Galvanized walkways, access stairs and handrails provide total access around the plant

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of scrubbing modules compared to stationary plants?

Scrubbing modules offer the same contaminant removal capabilities as stationary scrubbing equipment, but in the convenience of a containerized module that can be transported around site or from location to location as needed. Modular scrubbing solutions are pre-designed and pre-built to provide shorter lead times and quicker setup times. The mass-produced nature of these units gives the added advantage of parts commonality, reducing downtime. 

How long will it take for me to install the scrubbing module?

The UltraSCRUB scrubbing modules were designed with ease of setup in mind. The module will arrive on-site partially assembled. With single connection points for water and electrical hookups, you can begin producing sooner. Assuming the site is fully prepared, you could be making income-producing product in as little as five days. 

What applications will benefit from a modular scrubber?

Modular scrubbers can fit into many applications with ease. Any producer who needs to remove clay from their feed will benefit from the shorter lead times and quick setup times offered. Construction and demolition recycling applications will also benefit from the UltraSCRUB’s ability to separate trash was otherwise valuable material. These modules are especially beneficial for producers with very large sites or multiple seasonal sites, as they allow ease of transport and eliminate the duplication of scrubbing equipment. Products that were previously either characterized as low-value or even waste can be tuned into a valuable income stream.

What is the maximum feed size?

The maximum feed size ranges from 100mm to 150mm depending on the UltraSCRUB model. Maximum feed sizes are possible due to McLanahan's unique washer box design. 

The feed size must be controlled by a vibrating screen having the proper mesh size to ensure that all three dimensions of the material do not exceed the maximum limit. A vibrating grizzly should not be used to control the maximum feed size.

Why aren't the paddles constructed of manganese or other material?

Other types of paddle material, such as manganese, have a low Brinell hardness. Abrasion-resistant paddles must have a high Brinell hardness or they will quickly require replacement. 

What other modules does McLanahan offer, and which should I consider to go with my UltraSCRUB?

In addition to the UltraSCRUB, McLanahan offers the UltraCRUSH line of modular crushers, UltraSCREENs, and the UltraWASH line of washing equipment. McLanahan's Ultra range can offer a full system of wet and dry modular solutions that can be configured to form a complete mineral or aggregate processing solution in a range of capacities. For more information, please contact. enquiries@mclanahan.uk.com.