Every dairy faces challenges when it comes to managing manure. McLanahan’s custom engineered processing solutions for the agricultural industry help dairy producers minimize these challenges using safer, simpler and smarter manure handling solutions. McLanahan manure solutions help with all aspects manure handling. From separating, drying and re-using sand bedding to separating nutrients and producing clean water, McLanahan can provide you with a complete manure solution.

It starts by taking McLanahan’s mining-duty, field-proven equipment and applying it to recycling sand bedding in the agricultural industry. Sand-Manure Separation Systems reduce costs by eliminating the need to regularly purchase sand to refill freestalls, and removing the sand from manure means that manure can be stored, pumped, land applied or anaerobically digested. After sand-manure separation, manure fibers can also be removed from liquids with equipment such as the Liquid-Solid Separator and Roll Press. McLanahan rounds out its manure handling solutions with the Nutrient Separation System. The Nutrient Separation System uses proven treatment technologies to control odor and separate the nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from the manure stream. By concentrating the nutrients, there is less water to haul to fields, road hauling issues and material handling costs are greatly reduced, and water effluent is clean enough for direct discharge.

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