Manure Management Systems

McLanahan Manure Management Systems include: complete manure systems, manure conveyance systems, sand-manure separation systems, manure separation systems, manure spreader loading systems, sand lane systems, manure and Sand Drying systems and stall maintenance.

Manure management is one of the most serious issues that dairy farmers face, especially when it comes to meeting regulations and obtaining permits for expansion. McLanahan partners with dairies of all sizes to help them find ways to handle their manure. Whether the issue is separating bedding sand from manure or simply moving manure across the barns, McLanahan is able to engineer a system that will improve your dairy’s manure management needs.

How Manure Management Systems Work

McLanahan’s expertise can be broken down into four broad categories: conveyance, separation, dewatering and drying. Conveyance refers to the systems that move and lift the manure from the barns to receptions and into other processing equipment. Separation equipment removes sand and manure solids from the raw manure stream. Dewatering takes this separated material and mechanically removes a large portion of the free water. Drying systems add heat to the process to drive off moisture and kill a portion of the bacteria. These can be combined to create a complete manure and bedding management system that minimizes labor requirements and capital expenditures, as well as eliminates negative environmental impacts

Starting at the beginning of the process, McLanahan systems convey manure from the cow to a treatment process, then to storage and, ultimately, to the field.This is accomplished using a series of purpose built manure augers.

McLanahan’s Sand Separation Systems utilize proven sand-processing technology, recovering sand that is suitable for reuse within days and leaving minimal amounts of fine sand in the separated manure effluent. By utilizing certain types of sand, producers will be able to reclaim 90% or more of their sand. By adding a Dewatering Screen

to the system, the sand will discharge at approximately 12% moisture and requires minimal conditioning to be reused.

The last step in a Bedding Management System involves drying the bedding. McLanahan's Bedding Dryers are the superior choice for this step in the process. Dried bedding contains minimal moisture, reduced pathogens and can be reused immediately.

Why McLanahan Manure Management Systems

McLanahan has a team of engineers and sales personnel who work closely with dairy producers and other industry experts to stay on top of the current challenges facing the dairy industry. These people are experts at providing the best manure management solution for your dairy.

All McLanahan systems come with a conceptual layout of the system footprint. McLanahan’s engineering staff offers certified P.E. drawings and consultations, and our field technicians are available around the clock for system startups and troubleshooting. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for manure management, so McLanahan offers many different solutions. Each is designed for the dairy's herd size, recovery goals and facility management routines. Contact McLanahan today to learn how you can improve your manure handling system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manure Management Systems

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Cost depends on how many hours are involved with the project. Time is tracked during the project, along with who works on it. The time for P.E. review is billed differently than the time spent in drafting. Contact one of our engineers or sales personnel for current rates.

These are usually initiated by the local dealer or salesperson. 

Yes, we work closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other government organizations that offer incentive programs. 

McLanahan is able to engineer a system that will improve your dairy’s manure management needs.

Features & Benefits
  • Complete manure handling and processing facility design
  • Engineering staff, including P.E. licensed engineers
  • 24/7 support for commissioning, troubleshooting, and parts calls
  • Industry experts at designing sand-laden manure systems

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