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McLanahan Debris Drum Reduces Downtime by Removing Debris Ahead of Ultra System

Dairy manure can contain a variety of debris, everything from ear tags to hoof blocks. For dairies using recycled sand bedding and operating Sand-Manure Separation Systems, these large pieces of debris can wreak havoc on the system by causing pumps and pipes to clog and ultimately equipment shutdowns.

With the addition of a McLanahan Debris Drum, dairies can remove potentially harmful debris from entering a manure system. 

Is a Debris Drum effective in removing debris?

The Debris Drum plays an important role in McLanahan Sand Separation Systems. It precedes McLanahan’s Ultra System, which includes a Pump and Agricultural Hydrocyclone for recovering fine sand particles that overflow a Sand-Manure Separator

McLanahan’s Debris Drum will remove debris larger than the size of a penny that can cause blockages in the Pump or Agricultural Hydrocyclone, which have relatively small openings. A blockage in a Pump could cause it to run dry, which could harm the internal components. Likewise, a blockage in the inlet or discharge of an Agricultural Hydrocyclone could cause the system to operate improperly and ultimately require cleanout or even repair.

“With the debris drum, we have seen a major reduction of downtime in Sand-Manure Separation Systems caused by nuisance clogs,” said Dave Swartz, Agricultural Engineering Field Service Technician. 

How does a Debris Drum work?

The Debris Drum features a perforated screen on a declining slope inside a frame assembly. Overflow from a Sand-Manure Separator enters the drum through the inlet pipe. As the drum rotates, liquid, fine sand and manure fibers exit through the openings in the perforated screen into the sump below the drum. Large fibers and debris exit through the discharge point at the end of the drum. The liquid, fine sand and manure fibers are then pumped to the Agricultural Hydrocyclone free of large debris.

For more information on how McLanahan’s Debris Drum can help reduce downtime on your dairy, contact the Agricultural Team at or +1 (814) 695 9807.

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