Rotary Scrubbers

Rotary Scrubbers are used to wash crushed rock, ore, sand, gravel, construction aggregates and oil sands. They are high-capacity, high-retention machines that can accept large-sized feed material and are used primarily to remove water-soluble clays, deleterious materials and coatings providing a cleaner product

Rotary Scrubber
Rotary Scrubber
Rotary Scrubber
Rotary Scrubber
Rotary Scrubber
Rotary Scrubber
Rotary Scrubber
Rotary Scrubber
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Why McLanahan Rotary Scrubbers

McLanahan has extensive experience in washing a wide range of materials that started in 1891 when S.C. McLanahan was granted a patent for an ore washing steel shafted machine he called the Log Washer. As a manufacturer having the widest range of washing equipment, McLanahan can offer the correct solution, not an option of only one or two machines others may offer. This combination of experience and choices along with our global staff’s process application knowledge makes McLanahan a company you should be speaking with.

McLanahan offers washing equipment having capacities ranging from 20 to 8,000 tph. For most any ore, rock or sand washing problem you have, McLanahan has the solution that offers less downtime maintenance and more clean product for your highest profitability!

All McLanahan Rotary Scrubbers are machined to be perfectly concentric, eliminating any undue vibration or wobble. Concentricity ensures the scrubber runs quieter and smoother with reduced tire and bearing maintenance, ultimately leading to longer life and lower operating costs per ton of production.

McLanahan considers its customers’ process needs prior to design, meaning units can be used with an “all-in” or scalped feed. They can easily be designed to handle a wide variety of tonnages and product sizes all with the same piece of equipment. Several drive options that offer minimal maintenance requirements are available, including chain and sprocket, gear and pinion, hydraulic and friction types.

How Rotary Scrubbers Work

McLanahan Rotary Scrubbers are cylindrical drums with internal lifters, typically supported by trunnion rollers at either end. The continuous lifting and dropping action combined with water helps to abrade, scrub, and break down soluble contaminants. Optional trommel screen extensions can be added to provide rough product separation, screening and dewatering capabilities.

Capacities are normally determined by analyzing the type of feed material, percent and type of waste material to be removed, screen analysis of the feed, available water and if specified, retention time. Retention time in a Rotary Scrubber varies from application to application due to different types and varying amounts of wastes to be removed.

Popular Applications for Rotary Scrubbers

Rotary Scrubbers are designed primarily for the removal of loam and light clays and soft, soluble waste materials from aggregates, stone and ore. These units are not intended to replace Log Washers on applications where tough plastic clays are contaminating the material to be cleaned. When these tough clays are fed to a Scrubber, the clay particles may have a tendency to pelletize through the tumbling action of the material. For example, golf ball-sized pieces of plastic clay may not break down and could actually increase in size.

Rotary Scrubbers and Coarse Material Screw Washers are often selected to wash out similar contaminants from aggregate and various ores. The major difference is that Scrubbers can accept larger feed sizes, whereas Coarse Material Screw Washers must have a controlled top size. Since large diameter Scrubber Screens can handle feeds up to 300mm or 12”, they are sometimes used as a primary washer before downstream crushing or screening systems.

Benefits of McLanahan Rotary Scrubbers

  • All the seams on a solid shell scrubber are welded to withstand the continual shock loading
  • Units integrate abrasion-resistant steel or thick rubber liners, which are secured into the scrubber drum to prevent wear and drum leakage
  • Integral lifter shelves can be modified to increase or decrease cylinder retention time
  • Independently adjustable trunnion rollers support the cylinder end(s), which are equipped with renewable steel tires
  • Four drive types: chain and sprocket, friction, gear and pinion, and hydraulic
  • Trommel Screen extensions with robust cylinder design and construction use easy-to-replace screen panels, including urethane, rubber, punch plate or wire cloth media
  • Fully guarded around pinch points
  • All lubrication points brought into common lubrication block(s)
  • Three- and four-point suspensions available
  • Optional feed end de-sanding section is available

Rotary Scrubbers Models

McLanahan Rotary Scrubber With Screen Rotary Scrubber Screens

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Contact McLanahan or your nearest authorized local dealer not only for pricing but for discussions on suitability and use for your application

Key application questions you should have answers for regarding your problem?

  • The type of clay/silt contamination that needs removed
  •  The ore/rock feed size
  • The tons per hour feed solids capacity
  • The process flow and equipment location of required washer in your processing plant

Key options to consider? 

Protective safety covers, full length spray bar, Trommel Screen extension, feed end Desander Section

What other technologies should I consider?