Rotary Scrubbers

Rotary Scrubbers are used to wash crushed rock, ore, sand, gravel, construction aggregates and oil sands. They are high-capacity, high-retention machines that can accept large-sized feed material and are used primarily to remove water soluble clays, deleterious materials and coatings from a wide variety of hard rock and ore.

McLanahan Rotary Scrubbers are cylindrical drums with internal lifters, typically supported by trunnion rollers at either end. The continuous lifting and dropping action combined with water helps to abrade, scrub, and break down soluble contaminants. Trommel screen sections can be added to provide rough product separation, screening and dewatering capabilities.

Capacities are normally determined by analyzing the type of feed material, percent and type of waste material to be removed, screen analysis of the feed, and available water. Retention time in a Rotary Scrubber varies from application to application due to different types and varying amounts of wastes to be removed.

All McLanahan Rotary Scrubbers are machined to be perfectly concentric, eliminating any undue vibration or wobble. Concentricity ensures the scrubber runs quieter and smoother with reduced tire and bearing maintenance, ultimately leading to longer life and lower costs per ton of production.

McLanahan considers its customers’ process needs prior to design, meaning scrubbers can be used with an “all-in” or scalped feed. They can easily be designed to handle a wide variety of tonnages and product sizes all with the same piece of equipment. Several drive options that offer minimal maintenance requirements are available, including chain and sprocket, gear and pinion, and hydraulic.

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