Vezin Samplers

Vezin Samplers are diverse, cost-effective and easily applied samplers that are highly accurate and reliable. They are frequently used in primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary sampling stages from a free-falling stream of dry bulk material or slurry flow. Vezin Samplers are implemented in a wide variety of applications, including mining, gold, base metals, mineral sands, iron, copper, aggregates and more.

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Why McLanahan Vezin Samplers

Vezin Samplers are constructed from mild or stainless steel and can incorporate various liner materials or spray cleaning devices based on application requirements or customer request. Appropriately sized inspection/maintenance hatches located on the top and sides of the Vezin Sampler allow for easy viewing of its internal components or periodic cleaning. Since it is understood that not all sampling applications can accept a one-size-fits-all solution, McLanahan works closely with each customer to best understand their mechanical sampling needs to provide the best possible sampling solution. Each Vezin Sampler comes with the service and support for which McLanahan is known.

How Vezin Samplers Work

Vezin Samplers are fully enclosed units that contain a rotating sample collection assembly. The sample collection assembly can include a single cutter or multiple cutters — whatever is required to meet the needs of a particular application. Sample cutters pass at a consistent, uniform speed through the falling bulk material or slurry stream to collect samples from material entering the feed inlet at the top of the machine. Reject material passes directly through the machine, while sample material is directed through a fixed sample chute and continues to the next step in the sampling process. The cutter design incorporates a radial (wedge-shaped) cutter opening cross section to ensure a full, accurate increment of any given portion of the material stream. Each Vezin Sampler also includes a proximity sensor for rotation monitoring purposes.

Popular Applications for Vezin Samplers

Vezin samplers can be applied in a wide variety of applications that cover both dry mineral and slurry sampling applications. 

Benefits of McLanahan Vezin Samplers

  • Reliable, accurate and precise sample collection and division
  • Radial (wedge-shaped) cutter opening cross section as is required for rotary style samplers
  • Easily replaceable cutter lip assemblies
  • Convenient access/inspection panels
  • Optional internal liners
  • Optional automatic internal wash components