Sampling Systems

McLanahan’s customized sampling solutions have been successfully implemented into a variety of industries – first as HSS Sampling, and then as McLanahan when HSS was acquired in the 1990s. Producers who purchase from McLanahan show their customers that they are serious about the consistency of their products.McLanahan Corporation produces sampling systems for producers, consumers or brokers of bulk material products who are interested in identifying and verifying the quality or composition of a material that is shipped, received or utilized in a process. These machines are highly reliable systems that extract samples from a wide variety of industries including coal, concentrates, ores, metallurgical and petroleum coke, sand, stone, gravel, salt, bauxite, lignite, wood pellets and other wood products, potash, biomass, and other various bulk materials.

Sampling systems are custom engineered for each customer to meet their specific application requirements. Today’s designs are subject to continuous improvement based on feedback from the field, as well as research into new and developing technologies. Each sampling system is designed to meet and exceed industry standards for safety.

Features / Benefits

  • Verify bulk materials shipped or received meet quality requirements of purchase agreements
  • Provide data necessary for process control
  • Reliably collect representative samples with minimal operator interaction
  • Intuitive user interfaces for local system operation and setting changes


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Types of Sampling Systems