Stationary/Mobile Feeder-Breakers

Stationary and Mobile Feeder-Breakers perform primary size reduction and meter the flow of material by properly loading the belt conveyor at a controlled rate.


Stationary and Mobile Feeder-Breakers for aboveground mining process a variety of ROM minerals. They transfer the mined material from the haulage equipment to the discharge point to minimize cycle times. They are particularly useful in open-pit mining of coal, lignite, salt, gypsum and other friable minerals, as well as in the processing of coke from delayed coker units, and can be applied as stationary or mobile installations.

Stationary and Mobile Feeder-Breakers can accept large feed lumps of friable minerals and produce a 6" to 12" (150mm to 300mm) one-dimensional product at rates up to 6000 tph (5400 mtph). Depending on the feed arrangement, these units can be designed to hold up to two or three times the load from a haul truck, providing substantial storage capacity to allow the cycling of multiple trucks at optimum rates.

How Stationary/Mobile Feeder-Breakers work

The McLanahan Stationary and Mobile Feeder-Breaker utilizes engineering-class roller chain and solid steel flights between a sprocketed head and tail shaft to drag the material along a steel deck. The head shaft is driven hydraulically or mechanically with a shaft-mounted hydraulic motor or a shaft-mounted, right-angle reducer with torque control coupling. On larger truck dump designs, dual drag conveyor systems are available to meet higher capacity demand. The breaker roll is driven mechanically with a shaft-mounted, right angle reducer with torque control coupling. The fabricated steel machine frame is built to withstand the toughest environments. The undercarriage of these units can be bolted to a permanent structure, skidded or supplied with unpowered tracks to be towed by another machine, or supplied with powered tracks for independent mobility. The receiving end of the Stationary and Mobile Feeder-Breaker can be designed to receive material from high-volume trucks, front-end loaders or at ground level fed by a dozer.

Developed to meet the safety requirements of mining, the Stationary and Mobile Feeder-Breaker is a Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved design. Operation of the drag conveyor and breaker roll interlock with the downstream belt conveyor. Through the programmable logic controls, these functions are timed to shut down at designated intervals when the belt conveyor stops or when material is not present.

Stationary and Mobile Feeder-Breakers feature an automatic conveyor reversing system that attempts to clear blockages of stubborn material. When a blockage situation is sensed, the conveyor drive automatically reverses, starts forward again and continues this process until the blockage has past. This allows for continual operation and eliminates the need to manually clear blockages.

To ensure safety, all moving parts on Stationary and Mobile Feeder-Breakers are guarded, and emergency stops are included on both sides of the machine.

Why McLanahan Stationary/Mobile Feeder-Breakers

McLanahan was the first manufacturer to incorporate torque-limiting couplings in direct, alignment-free drives on both the conveyor and breaker systems, eliminating shear pins and chain drives. Touchscreen controls and diagnostics are included to enhance and simplify operation. These are easy to use and give valuable feedback if a fault is encountered. The control program also includes an electronic manual with drawings and schematics for easy viewing and reference. Maintenance is made simple with easy access to replaceable components and shaft assemblies that can be removed in one piece. The heavy-duty design can withstand the harshest mining environments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stationary/Mobile Feeder-Breakers

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In addition to Stationary/Mobile Feeder-Breakers, consider Apron Feeders or Drag and Reclaim Feeders to crushers or sizers.

Stationary and Mobile Feeder-Breakers can accept large feed lumps and produce a one-dimensional product at high capacities.

Features & Benefits
  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel side frames gusseted for rigidity and connected by steel plate cross-members
  • Decks reinforced in the crushing zone and lined with replaceable AR steel plates
  • Frames designed to match loading method requirements
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage designed to meet the mining requirements
  • All drives directly mounted to the breaker or head shaft
  • Available in single or dual drag conveyor design
  • Engineering-class roller chain and solid alloy steel flight bars
  • Underspeed control on breaker and conveyor

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