Sand & Gravel

Sand and gravel, one of the most accessible natural resources and a major basic raw material, is used primarily by the construction industry. World reserves of sand and gravel are very large, and the deposits that have proven most valuable are from present and ancient river channels, river flood plains and glacial deposits.

Sand and gravel is a crucial resource to economic development activities, such as road building and concrete production. At least 50 percent of sand and gravel is used to make concrete, for road construction, for mixing with asphalt, as construction fill, and in the production of construction materials like concrete blocks, bricks, and pipes. It is also used to make roofing shingles, on icy roads in the winter, as railroad ballast, and for water filtration.

Usually, open pit mines are used to extract sand and gravel. To open-pit mine for sand and gravel, four operations are necessary: site clearing, mining, processing, and reclamation of the mined area. Additionally, some producers also use dredging to extract sand and gravel. This method involves mounting equipment on boats or barges and removing material from the bottom of a body of water. The processing of sand and gravel for a specific market involves the use of different combinations of coarse and fine material washers, screens, scrubbers, and classifiers to segregate particle sizes; crushers to reduce oversized material; and storage and loading facilities. McLanahan Corporation is able to provide many of the pieces needed to form a complete processing solution for sand and gravel mines. Please click on the sand and gravel equipment below for more information, or contact McLanahan today.